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About The Rally

The Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally is organized every year to honour the memory of Hans Gutmann who was a well-known pilot and event organiser and held several positions within the FAI including President of the FAI General Aviation Commission.

2012: The 1st Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally. Portugal, Spain, Germany

2013: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria

2014: Ausria, Croaita, Greece, Italy, France

2015: Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria

2016: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia

2017: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Germany


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    13 July

    Jakabszállás (LHJK), Hungary

    Teams gather at Jakabszállás, the rally starts
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    14 July

    Chișinău, Moldova

    Overnight stop at Vadul lui Vodă aerodrome
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    15 July - 16 July

    Kiev (UKKK), Ukraine

    We stay in Kiev for two nights
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    17 July - 18 July

    Constanta, Romania (LRCK)

    Two night stay in Constanta
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    19 July

    Nys, Serbia (LYNI)

  • 20 July

    Rijeka, Croatia (LDZD)

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    21 July

    Venice-Lido, Italy (LIPH)



Jean Birgen

Jean Birgen - President

An experienced private pilot rally organizer since many decades.

Artem Kirillov

Artem Kirillov - Project Manager

Happy to be a pilot and operate the most inspiring way of transportation.

Mike Kornev

Mike Kornev - Secretary General

Telecom entrepreneur with a passion for flying and adventure.

Pierre Lorang

Pierre Lorang - Hospitality

Hennadiy Khazan

Hennadiy Khazan - Ukraine Coordination

President of AOPA Ukraine