Hans Gutmann

About The Rally

The Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally is organized every year to honour the memory of Hans Gutmann who was a well-known pilot and event organiser and held several positions within the FAI including President of the FAI General Aviation Commission.

2012: The 1st Memorial Hans Gutmann Tourist Rally. Portugal, Spain, Germany

2013: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria

2014: Ausria, Croaita, Greece, Italy, France

2015: Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria

2016: Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia

2017: Denmark, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Germany

2018: Hungary - Moldova - Ukraine - Romania - Serbia - Croatia - Italy


  • event speaker

    14 June - 16 June

    İzmit, (Cengiz Topel Airport LTBQ), Turkey

    Teams gather at LTBQ, the rally starts. Two nights in Istanbul, welcome reception, optional tour programme.
  • event speaker

    16 June - 19 June

    Haifa (LLHA), Israel

    Three nights in Israel. Reception by AOPA Israel, tour programme, flyout to Masada (Bar Yehuda Airfield LLMZ).
  • event speaker

    19 June - 23 June

    Hurghada (HEGN), El Gouna, Giza Sphinx (HESX), Egypt

    Four nights in Egypt. Reception by AOPA Egypt, tour programme, two nights stay in El Gouna resoirt and one night in Cairo.
  • event speaker

    22 June - 23 June

    Crete, Sitia (LGST)

    Overnight stop at Crete.
  • event speaker

    23 June - 24 June

    Zeljava airfield (LQBI)

    Closing reception.


Jean Birgen

Jean Birgen - President

An experienced private pilot rally organizer since many decades.

Artem Kirillov

Artem Kirillov - Project Manager

Happy to be a pilot and operate the most inspiring way of transportation.

Mike Kornev

Mike Kornev - Secretary General

Telecom entrepreneur with a passion for flying and adventure.

Pierre Lorang

Pierre Lorang - Hospitality

Yigal Merav

Yigal Merav - Advisory Board

AOPA Israel

TUrgut Kulacogly

Turgut Kulacoglu - Advisory Board

General Ahmed Maher

General Ahmed Maher - Advisory Board

AOPA Egypt