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The AIS database for Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Italy is managed by EUROCONTROL. Please register at the EUROCONTROL European AIS Database to get access to aeronautical data such as en-route charts and airport information. Please pay attention to ENR parts of AICs regarding the prohibited, restricted, danger and military exercise areas.

Note: SkyDemon flight planning app includes chart coverage for Moldova and Ukraine.

General Information


    LHJK (Jakabszállás, Hungary): starting point
    LHTL (Tököl, Hungary): customs and passport control
    LUKK (Chișinău, Moldova): customs and passport control
    ZZZZ (Vadul lui Vodă, Moldova): overnight stay
    UKKK (Kiev-Zhulyanu, Ukraine): customs and passport control, two days stay
    LRCK (Constanța, Romania): customs and passport control, two days stay
    LYNI (Niš, Serbia): customs and passport control, overnight stay
    LDRI (Rijeka, Croatia): customs and passport control, overnight stay
    LIPH (Venice-Lido, Italy): rally end


Customs are not available on demand at LHJK. We will use LHTL (Tököl) for outbound procedures. Customs must be arranged at least 48 hrs prior to arrival; +36305471419. The alternative is LHUD (Szeged).


Vadul Lui Voda aerodrome: Google maps

En Route Charts

LUKK Procedures and Aerodrome Charts

Vadul Lui Voda


VFR Sectional Charts (warning - these files are rather large, 15 to 30 megabytes each)

En Route Charts

UKKK Procedures and Aerodrome Charts


VFR Sectional Charts

Tuzla airport +40 744 488 845