ARTICLE 1 The Rally takes place over a period determined according to the following schedule: Arrival to Andorra (LESU) on the eve of the start of the Rally (19th of June 2020). Technical and Administrative controls. Rally Stages according to the program established to the extent possible. The Organizing Committee reserve the right to change the route for safety reasons (eg weather, NOTAMS, etc).

ARTICLE 2 The Rally is open to single-engine and multi-engine aircraft. All aircraft participating in the rally must have at least one fixed VHF and crew must have a portable VHF emergency if possible connected to the external antenna. GPS is mandatory on board. It is the responsibility of the pilot in command to ensure the compatibility of the airplane with the use of the Rally stages of lengths and in compliance with aviation regulations in force in each country crossed.

ARTICLE 3 Rally flights are VFR.

ARTICLE 4 The route and timing are provided for information only. They are subject to change depending in particular meteorological requirements or overflight permission of the countries crossed. The responsibility of the organizers can not be held if, for these reasons, one or more steps were modified or canceled.

ARTICLE 5 The pilot in command is the sole judge of the decision to take the start of a stage. Crews may have, in particular, to handle different weather conditions from those they are used to in Europe. If they feel that information about the expected weather are inadequate, they have every opportunity to not to fly. The organization is held to an obligation of means for information.

ARTICLE 6 Pilots entered in the Rally undertake to be present, except in cases of force majeure, the aerodrome Cengiz Topel – Turkey (LTBQ) the eve of the start of the Rally. The refueling and technical and administrative controls will be made on arrival at LTBQ.

ARTICLE 7 There are penalties for non-compliance of one or more sections of the Regulations, for violation of aviation regulations or acts or behavior likely to affect the safety, order or the good performance of rally. The Organizing Committee members evaluate possible sanctions and reserve the right to pronounce the exclusion of any participant whose mind and behavior would be likely to harm the holding and conduct of the Rally.

ARTICLE 8 The aircraft documents, including insurance with extension to the countries crossed must be valid. The aircraft must be operated according to manufacturer approved flight manuals.

ARTICLE 9 The Organizing Committee strives to provide each crew with the documentation necessary for flight preparation. However, its liability shall in no case be engaged thereby. The preparation and execution of flights are the sole responsibility of the pilot in command.

ARTICLE 10 At the time of their engagement, entrants waive any claims against and the organizers for damages of any kind and that would be the direct or indirect consequence of flights and events included in the Rally.

ARTICLE 11 All involved must have had evidence of valid insurance for all countries crossed. This insurance must cover liability of crews with regard to third parties. Participants of the rally must also check that their various personal insurances do not include exclusion clauses relating to the practice of aviation activity and in particular rally.

ARTICLE 12 There is an inscription and participation fees for the rally. A sum of €200 per airplane ("Inscription Fee") to be paid to the Organizing Committee to confirm the registration. A sum of €200 per each occupant of airplane, including crew and passengers ("Participation Fee) to be paid to Organizing Committee. The inscription and participation fees are non-refundable. Included in the fees: services of organization team, detailed flight and tour briefings, airplane stickers, ground transportation from airports to hotels and their associated gratuities Not included in the fees: hotel cost as such, aircraft fuel and miscellaneous airport fees, local transport, except ground transportation from airports to hotels, meals and activities on the itinerary, any personal expenses like alcoholic beverages, souvenirs, travel insurance, etc.

ARTICLE 13 The Organizing Committee has the right to use photos and videos taken during the event publicly for marketing and promotion purposes.